Edges Angles Lines Curves/ Works on Paper

Since September 2009 the Arnulf Rainer Museum has been showing special monographic and thematic exhibitions of the multi-layered oeuvre of the world famous artist from Baden near Vienna. DONALD JUDD & ARNULF RAINER - Edges Angles Lines Curves, the fifth exhibition in which Arnulf Rainer’s work is compared and contrasted with that of his contemporaries.

The exhibition showcases the printed oeuvres by Donald Judd and Arnulf Rainer, the two great artists, in a devoted dialogue. Most notably the intimacy of etchings and woodcuts express the individual artistic attitude with great clarity. Donald Judd always strives for a precise balance of colors, lines, measurements, and form. Arnulf Rainer’s work on the other hand is characterized by dynamic strokes and flowing colors. But both artists find common ground in their unceasing pursuit of new paths for their work, as well as an ongoing engagement with printmaking and graphics. This unparalleled encounter was curated by renowned museum director at large and exhibition organizer Rudi Fuchs, personal friend of both artists and acknowledged authority on their work: “All prints have something to do with handwriting. They are therefore an intimate part of their work. We can see how Judd measures surfaces and colours, and we can see how Rainer engaged in restlessly scratching uneasy, crooked lines.” In the museum’s formidable spaces, Fuchs choreographs a compelling liaison of works by the two exceptional artists: “Everywhere here [at Dürer] we see surfaces drawn with regular parallel lines, which are also equally thick and appear as if they were combed. The progression of the lines seems to be slow. The atmosphere is calm. And so Dürer is an artist even in his handwriting, which has its own, quiet, and introspective tone, just like Donald Judd in his woodcuts. In comparison, Rembrandt is exactly like Arnulf Rainer, much more restless in all respects. Rembrandt loves to see all things in an impulsive and fragmentary way.”

“Similar to the principle of overpainting, my etchings come from other plates, but usually from my own. This gradual obscuration takes place slowly, over several years. Throughout the various intermediate stages, there are often only individual print proofs. If I feel I have found solid ground at some point, I decide on an overlay. So these plates have undergone various stages (one would hardly be able to discern this in a comparison), such as humans and insects have undergone their metamorphoses.”

Arnulf Rainer: “Similar to the principle of overpainting” 1970

“At the most general, symmetry is the rule and asymmetry is the exception. An artist or an architect can, of course, use both or use only asymmetry, but I long ago reached an agreement with what I consider the primary condition: art, for myself, and architecture for everyone, should always be symmetrical except for a good reason… ”

Donald Judd: “Symmetry” Complete Writings 1975–1986

The exhibition DONALD JUDD & ARNULF RAINER – Edges Angles Lines Curves/Works on Paper marks the first time the unique prints of Donald Judd and Arnulf Rainer have been presented in Austria on such a large scale.

We would like to thank all lenders for their support, without them this exhibition would not have been possible: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL); Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (NL); Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL); Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar (NL); Sammlung Assmann, Süddeutschland (D); Arnulf Rainer as well as Private Collections.

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A2 Baden exit – towards the centre,
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Guided tour 2,5
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