b i l d e n d e KUNST

The title of the exhibition draws attention to the fact that, considering the oeuvre of the two artists, it is factually correct to use the description, bildende Kunst. The German phrase contains layered meanings the most common being ‘visual art’. However, bildende also resonates with ‘educational’ ‘formative’ or ‘continutive’ all of which speaks to the stratified reception of the works of both Markus Lüpertz and Arnulf Rainer. In the exhibition the pictures will be ‘irritated’ by plastic forms and this orchestrated proximity of the genres allows the viewer to take a direct approach to the essence of art: the use of colour and material, the finding and employing of form and proportion, the spatial design of two- and three-dimensional works but, above all, the indefatigable spirit of invention and creative drive of two of the most important living artists.


In the exceptional rooms of the museum housed in the historical women’s bath in Baden, Lüpertz confronts 25 of his sculptures and one painting with 25 pictures, a sculpture and over-painted books by Arnulf Rainer. His selection of Arnulf Rainer pictures concentrates on two thematic groups –– first, Rainer’s expressive, gestural paintings from the 1980s based on illustrations from historical scientific publications on human anatomy and, second, the most recent works in which Rainer encounters photographs of classical sculptures with restrained and poetic painting.

Lüpertz contrasts the paintings with a series of small, hand-painted bronze sculptures which display intense colouration. However, the large-scale plaster busts and heads which have come directly from his studio play a special role in the exhibition. These original plaster sculptures enable viewers to feel and conjecture the hand of the artist more intensively than the bronzes which are later cast from them. In presence and quality – stamped with great artistic experience – the hand-painted plaster pieces by Markus Lüpertz reveal a kindred affinity to Arnulf Rainer’s painting. Thus brightly coloured ancient heroes such as Hercules, Odysseus and Atlas embodied in sculptures and Romantic greats such as Hölderlin and Beethoven made by Lüpertz encounter Arnulf Rainer’s multi-layered, overpainted pictures about anatomy, ancient art and William Shakespeare.

Arnulf Rainer, a pious painter who insults the gods with a heathen delight. A painter who opened Pandora’s box and is astounded by the diversity of possibilities. Drunkenly wallowing in morning glories, the diversion of eternal youthfulness, Arnulf remains unruly. And great.’ (Markus Lüpertz, 2015)

OPENING on Thursday, 28 May 2015 | 7 p.m.
DURATION: 29 May - 11 October 2015 | Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Arnulf Rainer Museum


Josefsplatz 5
2500 Baden
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Postal address

Badener Kulturbetriebsgesmbh
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Tram (Badener Bahn)
Direct, from the Vienna State Opera
to the Arnulf Rainer Museum, to
Josefplatz at the end of the line.

Train and rapid transit train
Four minutes on foot from Baden
station, towards the centre of town.


A2 Baden exit – towards the centre,
Arnulf Rainer Museum / Frauenbad.
Parking at Römertherme or at the
Casino parking garage.


Opening hours

Closed on: 24.12., 25.12., 26.12., 31.12.2016 and 1.1.2017.

Every day from 10am – 5pm
Contact us for more details.


Admission prices

Adults 6,–
Reduced 4,–
Groups of 6 or over,
per person
Children from 6 – 14,
pupils, students,
military discount (national service)
Family ticket 12,–
Family ticket reduced 10,–
Guided tour 2,50


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